Whatever Alexa Wants

Whatever Alexa Wants

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Bandana Mania

Some blogs give you 3 ways to wear a Bandana. I am going to give you way more than 3 combinations.
But first what do you really know about Bandana or Kerchief as we could also called it ?

Where is it coming from ?

A kerchief (from the French couvre-chef, "cover the head") also known as a bandana or bandanna, is a triangular or square piece of cloth tied around the head or around the neck for protective or decorative purposes. The popularity of head kerchiefs may vary by culture (gang subcultures, workers..) or religion duty or commitment (jewish, orthodoxes..)

A bandana is a type of large, usually colorful, kerchief, usually worn on the head or around the neck. Bandanas are frequently printed in a paisley pattern ( droplet-shaped vegetable motif of Persian/Iranian origin)

There are three classical colors, black, blue & red.
Where to find them ?

You can definitely find some in vintage shops, but some very old one, could reach about 100$.
Better to buy a new one at 15$ and to make it old yourself, by wearing it a lot !

Dress code advise ?

Of course, forbidden the cowboy total look ! So for a Street Style session, please keep your Santiags in your closet while you are wearing a Bandana. Otherwise you are living in the Montana, and you are already riding horse, then there is no problem.

Please find below some of the best ways to wear a bandana every day 
( credit photos : Pinterest )

1. Around the neck, not to tight. 

Classic & Chic


More Western Way

2. As a bag accessories,  hitch around the strap.


3. Hair accessories, as a bow or on the front head.


4. Ankle Accessories, some girls like to be original right. And it's still very chic.


5. The Classical wrist Bandana cuff.


Hope you'll find your Bandana Style.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016


Who said that Converse was not cool ? 

For more than 10 years, the Converse sneakers are omnipresent. From the playground to the after-show it now became a Basic shoes that no one is throwing out their closet. 

Let's learn a little bit more about Converse :

Why is this cult?

1908 : Converse began as a rubber shoe company specializing in galoshes. Soon after, they started using their rubber to make sneakers. 
1920 : They renamed their canvas basketball sneaker the “All Star.” The name stuck. 

The shoes were first produced in 1917 as the "All Star," Converse's attempt to capture the basketball shoe market. Chuck Taylor, a basketball player and shoe salesman for Converse, improved the shoe's design and became the product's spokesperson in the 1920s.

You, however, saw them as something more… and started wearing Converse sneakers to do whatever you wanted. You played music, made art, skated the streets and kicked back. You wore them as fashion. You wore them to work. You customized them with your personal style. You did everything to them, and in them. 

Converse sneakers has an unlimited potential!
To this day, this company spirit continues with all of their sneakers and apparel for All Star, Cons and Jack Purcell.
An improved model, the Chuck Taylor II, was announced by company management in July 2015. Incorporating Nike technology, it retains the outward appearance of the original while employing a modern lightweight insole for increased comfort and reduced fatigue. The new shoes are expected to sell for $80, a 60% premium over the originals' $50 !

Dress Code Advise ?

Everything from jeans to skirts, dresses ! 
Find Below some of the best Converse styles ! 
(Source : Bloglovin')

Your must have ?

The Classic Chuck, "Chuck Taylors" are made of various materials such as leather, the original and most widely known version of the shoe is made from cotton canvas.
Shop Here, on Converse site.

The addicts ?
Everyone...! and definitely me.


Tuesday, 26 April 2016

It-Shoes : Spring 2016 - Miu Miu

Miu Miu ballet flats are now the most wanted (and sold out) shoes for spring !
WhoWhatWear wrote an article (read here) about flats, and how flats prove that powerful women Don't need heels. The wardrobe essential comes in a range of cool shapes and styles. It exists different gang for flats : Repetto Addict, French Sole Addict, Pretty Ballerinas addict... (that is for the classic type).

But this spring a new type just enter in the game : The Miu Miu ballet flats are the most wanted !
Easy to conclude when they are already sold out on the shop online. It exists different colors and two materials (nappa leather and satin) and the only way to get them is to sign up on waiting lists ! 

Already wearing by Chiara Ferragni 

MiuMiu Fashion Show 

" The classic ballet flats style with a punk-chic soul
This is how Miu Miu describe these lovely shoes. 

During Miu Miu  Spring 2016 Ready To Wear Fashion Show
Miu Miu flats 2016 blacknude leather (price 550€). 
Miu Miu flats 2016 red satin (price 430€), white (price 550€)

I definitely love this style, I spotted them on Alexa Chung for Glamour Shooting in the April 2016 issue. It is the perfect match of punk buckle and vichy lacet. 

Glamour UK - April 2016 Issue
Glamour UK - April 2016 Issue

French Style Secrets

French Style is for most of the woman in the world a real enigma, besides the french girl of course !

Vogue UK enter in some of the wardrobes of famous french girls : Camille Rowe, Caroline de Maigret and also Joséphine de la Baume ; trying to understand their habits, trends and favorite outfits.
Below some of the best wardrobes : 
Thank you Vogue !

To resume French Girls : classic pieces, denim & blouses, denim & t-shirt, vintage, 501, army jacket, bags, boots, bandana, coats, jackets...

How to look effortlessly cool ? Knowing you, knowing what fits you, and then to stick to it.

Actually, I don't really think there is a french girl style, the important thing about french girl is mostly The Attitude. We don't really care about fashion and "IT"clothes or shoes to have. We do care about our own style. How to wake up, and how to look effortlessly chic and cool.

But, for the others who continued to be sold on the idea that French women do hold the secrets to life somewhere in their charmingly unkempt hair or Chanel flats. Some nice books, wrote by Perfect French Girl, will be you main guide to look like One of Us.

15,00€ on Amazon

 23,00€ on Amazon

21,00€ on Amazon


Sunday, 24 April 2016

It-Shoes : Spring 2016 - Gucci

Sienna Miller just step out again wearing the last It Shoes for Spring 2016.
She was spotted in New York on April 20th, wearing the mid heel loafer, and punctuating her monochromatic marine look with this " je ne sais quoi" that makes her very italian chic. She was wearing this slim fit cropped trousers from Trademark that helped to highlights her gilded studded slippers.

Crédit Photo : Splash 

Leather mid-heel Loafer 
Description : the double g antique gold toned hardware is set on a blue/red/blue web of these leather mid-heel loafers. The stacked heel has a row of GG pearls and studs and the back is designed to be worn with the heel folded down or up.
- Square toe
- 35mm heel

Gucci Mid-heel Loafer, 1100€

Some similar less expensive style are available. Like Massimo Dutti for example that developed Black Babouches with a plain upper, made from sheep leather with leather piping. They can be worn as babouches or loafers. 

Garance Doré already loves them !




Every season, I try to select with Polyvore some of the best pieces for the arrival season.
Please find below the best finds or Summer 2016, I organized the sets by theme.
Hope you like it.