Whatever Alexa Wants

Whatever Alexa Wants

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

ICONIC - 501

Everyone has try to wear at least once, your Dad or Mum clothes. 
It could have been a vest, or shoes, or a nice dress, but for me that was a 501. 

Classic. Perfect. 
I always figured my parents wearing white T-shirt and their own classic jean.

1853 - Levi Strauss arrives in San Francisco and opens a wholesale dry goods business, selling clothing, blankets, handkerchiefs, etc. to small general stores throughout the American West. 
1872 - Jacob Davis, a Reno Nevada tailor, writes to Levi Strauss, telling him about the process he invented to rivet the pocket corners on men’s pants to make them stronger. He suggests the two men take out a patent on the process together and Levi agrees. 
1873 - Levi Strauss & Jacob Davis are granted a patent on the process of riveting pants by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on May 20. It is patent number 139,121 and this is the invention of the blue jean. 
1890 - 501® Jean was the first style created after the Levi’s® patent for riveting clothing expired that same year. This meant that other companies could start to copy Levi’s® famous patent riveted overalls, which had been made only by LS&CO. since 1873. 1890 was the year that the 501 number was first assigned to the famous pants—likely done because the company no longer had and exclusive on patented clothing, and also because there was a good-sized line of clothing by this time. It was easier for retailers to order their products by number, rather than by a simple description, as had been done in the past. Any product made with the highest quality materials was given a lot number beginning with 5: 501 for the overall, 506 for the jacket, etc. Still made with X 9oz denim from the Amoskeag Manufacturing Company, the 501 was at the head of the class.

Here are some classic inspiration of history to present day...

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